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The a-PRF and i-PRF technique - how our own plasma helps us

Platelet-rich fibrin (found in i-prf a-prf preparations in dentistry) is a product of our body. It is made of the patient's own blood centrifuged in a special centrifuge. The process is safe, as it is performed in the dentist's office by a doctor. It does not cause any complications while bringing benefits. 

Dental  treatment with A-PRF

Plasma (PRF) is made of the patient's platelet concentrate. An assistant or a doctor draws blood just before the procedure and centrifuges it in a centrifuge. Since the platelet-rich plasma is from its own blood, there is no rejection of the material.

The resulting product is very valuable. Why? It is a natural wound healing accelerator. Perfect after surgery, e.g. extraction, it causes faster and easier healing of the post-treatment site, because it stimulates growth. Centrifuged plasma can also be used as a natural membrane, used in the sinus floor lift, and as an addition to the biomaterial. It is well accepted by the body because it is its own natural substance.

Which is better: a-PRF or i-PRF? Let's compare.

Platelet-rich fibrin a-PRF, used mainly as membranes during bone regeneration, is a brilliant product in itself, but it can be slightly modified. I-PRF - it is more fluid and remains in this form for 12-15 minutes. It is added most often to thicken the biomaterial. 

Both of them release growth factors for a longer time and in high concentration, which has a beneficial effect on the healing and regeneration process.

Are you interested in the effects of a-PRF and a-PRF preparations in dentistry? Write to us or arrange a control visit, where you will be able to talk about them with a specialist.

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