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Implant treatment

Regeneration of tissues stops atrophy of the gums and bones

Leaving an empty spot after tooth removal causes the gum to disappear. The bone then becomes low and narrow, which makes implant placement impossible.

What does tissue regeneration mean?

Tissue regeneration is the process of rebuilding lost bone and gum after a long period of missing a tooth or many teeth. Special procedures such as:

  • plasma factors contained in platelet-rich fibrin a-PRF and i-PRF,
  • biomaterials enabling the growth of the patient's own bone in places of its loss,
  • gum grafts allowing for the regeneration and reconstruction of the missing gum.

Hydrotherapy and regeneration of periodontal tissues are helpful in the bone regeneration process

Hydrotherapy is used in the initial phase of periodontal tissue loss. It has a stimulating effect, during which it helps to stop the process. However, in order not to aggravate the breakdown of bones and gums, an implant that imitates a natural tooth and holds the tissues should be implanted as soon as possible. Regeneration can take place the dentist's office. Dentistry in Podzamcze offers rebuilding even a large loss of periodontal tissues. Thanks to platelet-rich fibrin and gingival transplantation, we will create a substrate on which a tooth implant can be implanted.

How long does tissue regeneration take?

Depending on the method used and the area that needs to be regenerated, the healing time varies and may last from 4-9 months. The acceleration and improvement of regeneration is influenced, among others, by the a-PRF and i-PRF technique, i.e. platelet-rich plasma. 

Tissue regeneration Szczecin.

Nowadays, you can use modern methods that best regenerate periodontal tissues. In Szczecin, we use advanced reconstruction techniques for a dental implant. As a result, tissue regeneration is quick and effective.

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